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Google trial starts in the US


Google's trial over its hegemony in internet searches has started in the US.

An antitrust case accusing Google of abusing its monopoly status in the Internet search industry and building artificial barriers for rivals is now discussed in the Washington court.

"Google's contracts make it impossible for competitors to match the quality of ad monetization in search, especially on phones," state prosecutor for the U.S. Justice Department Kenneth Dintzer said.

The US firm, according to him, spends over $10 billion a year to preserve its "privileged position" in the market.

The biggest "antitrust case in a quarter-century" may involve accusations that Google is abusing its dominance of the Internet search market, notably through agreements with mobile device manufacturers to use their search engine by default.

Prosecutors claim that Google has been engaging in similar activities for over 15 years. The corporation is collaborating with Apple Corporation, another major American tech company, the prosecution claims. Google's search engine is specifically set as the default on its mobile devices, preventing consumers from using rival services.

source: bbc.com