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Honda sales in China fall by 85%


Sales of the Japanese automobile concern Honda fell by 85% in February due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus COVID-19 in China, Kyodo reported.

Compared with the same month last year, sales in China fell by 85.1% to 11.3 thousand cars. This is a record reduction in sales for the company. Toyota also noted lower sales in China, the agency said.

The number of patients with a new type of coronavirus in Japan has reached 1,056 people. Most of them - 696 people - are passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, 14 people were part of the groups evacuated from China by charter flights. 346 cases of infection were confirmed in Japan itself, the condition of 60 people is assessed as serious: mechanical ventilation of the lungs is carried out or they are in intensive care. Almost all people with signs of infection were hospitalized; to date, 248 people have recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

The largest number of infected people was on the northernmost island of Japan, the governorate of Hokkaido: 83 cases were recorded there on Thursday. Since last Friday, the government has introduced a state of emergency, residents were advised not to unnecessarily leave their homes.

In Japan, mass events have been canceled; since the beginning of the week, most schools have been closed. Tokyo and Osaka will not be held the traditional holidays of admiring the sakura, which blooms falls in the second half of March this year. Disneyland and other amusement parks are closed from Saturday until mid-March. Competitions in sumo, baseball and other sports, as well as some concerts and fashion shows are held without spectators with a live broadcast on the Internet.

source: kyodonews.net