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IMF: Venezuela to show the best performance in Latin America in 2023


According to a forecast by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Venezuela will have the highest economic growth (5%) among Latin American nations in 2023.

Beatrice Murch
Beatrice Murch
Paraguay (4.5%) will also have significant economic development this year, with Ecuador (2.9%), Peru (2.4%), Uruguay (2%), Mexico and Bolivia (1.8%), and Colombia (1%), following closely behind.

The IMF experts predict that Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America, will have GDP growth of 0.9% in 2023. And Argentina's economy, which is in a severe crisis, will barely rise by 0.2%.

Just one country in the area will see its economy falling, notes the IMF. Chile's GDP will drop by 1%, but it will increase again by 1.9% in 2024.

Overall, the research predicts that Latin America and the Caribbean's GDP will increase by 1.6% this year.

source: imf.org