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Iconic Spaceship Condo Up for Sale


Iconic Spaceship Condo Up for Sale
Build 30 years ago to replace an old defunct restaurant, the architect never thought it would become one of the iconic structures of an entire region. The iconic spaceship condo, grounded on a hill in New England, is now up for sale.

There was no image of any space ship on the mind of the architect Wilfred Armster when he designed the iconic, copper-clad Shoreline condominium complex.

“At first, I resented it,” he said of the name locals have taken to calling the condominium units in Whitfield Shores.

It is reported that Armster was asked to create ‘something wild’ when he took over the construction after demolition of an old rusty restaurant.

The New England area where Armster had planned to land the ‘spaceship’ had a traditional bearing. There was a bit of a conflict among the locals when the copper, spaceship-like structure was poised to be built and there were reports that one of the locals had even threatened to kill Armster for designing such a radical facility. The condo 30 years ago was not celebrated as it is today.

Apart from a section of the locals, the architect also had to fight to get the structure approved in Guilford, CT.

However at present the locals are quite proud of the spaceship condo and think of it as an iconic building of the area.

“There was a lot of uproar, but now it’s an iconic treasure,” said Barbara Carney of William Pitt Sotheby’s International.

It is reported that this iconic condo is now up for sale and has been priced at $349,000. Condos in the unique space sell for a quite a high amount as expected. The price for the spaceship condo is justified, according to real estate experts, as it has become a bit of a destination.
The condo is close to beaches and is just 90 minutes from New York City and hence is the perfect place for a weekend home or summer retreat. The condo has a heated 2-space garage that could double as a studio space. The building provides a unique chance to live in a structure once disdained as ugly modern architecture.
The lead-coated copper exterior of the building helps keeps out the outside cold weather and the weather inside is warm and welcoming. The 1,448-square-foot condo is spread out over 3 floors and has wood-beamed ceilings and wood floors that add to the cozy appeal of the 1-bedroom, 2 bathroom home. There are views to be of pine forests from one end and the Long Island Sound form the other.
This is not the first time that the building has been put up for sale. The developers put out a notice asking for tenants and received about 180 responses from people interested in the late 1980s. However the developers set aside the applications hoping to increase the price. But they eventually ran out of money for the project themselves while the project cost $2.5 million.  
(Source:www.forbes.com & www.nhregister.com) 

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