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Intel to stop production of chips used for mining


According to Intel’s official quoted by news site Tom's Hardware, the company said that it would stop making a line of Blockscale mining chips.

The news portal quotes an Intel spokesperson as saying that the company's current strategy, known as IDM 2.0, in which Intel is outsourcing production of some of its chips, resulted in the company discontinuing the Intel Blockscale 1000 Series ASIC while continuing to support its Blockscale customers.

A year prior, Intel unveiled the Blockscale family of new mining chips. The firm expected this move would increase the revenue to $2.8 billion up to 2025.

The company’s representative added that Intel would keep an eye on the Bitcoin industry, but the chips manufacturing destiny hasn’t been decided on yet. According to the business, orders for the chips will be accepted through October of this year, and they will be shipped out until April of 2024. For now, Intel has taken Blockscale-related pages down from its website.

source: tomshardware.com