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Konica Minolta Introduced An Innovative Textile Centre Of ‘€5 Million’


Offering a richer experience to the customers, the Konica Minolta Inc. launches live printing monitor system through an innovative textile centre at Como.

The heart of European “textile printing operations” sees the opening of a new “textile innovation centre” at Como. The said centre is situated near Milan and is worth “€5 million”, which has been an initiative of the Konica Minolta Inc.
The launching ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, thirty VIPs and other known figures; all came together to witness the inaugural function of the “state-of-the-art technology centre”. The new centre will be providing “first-hand experience” of a few “most advanced digital systems for textile printing” in the world “to inkjet customers”.
The new launch goes with the slogan of “Giving Shape to Ideas” which is another testimony of Konica Minolta’s commitment towards textile markets’ innovative manufacturing processes, whereby the company offers “higher performance products” besides helping the customers to avail an enhanced “corporate values”. In this very effort, the company also reduce the global threats towards environment by the said market.
The training cum demonstration centre of “Konica Minolta IJ Textile Europe” that is located at Bregnano offers, “three of the world’s most advanced systems for the textile market”. Consequently, the customers can have access live access which is displayed on “Konica Minolta’s pioneering NASSENGER SP-1, NASSENGER 10 and NASSENGER 8”.
The mayor of Bregnano, Elena Daddi along with “Konica Minolta’s Akiyoshi Ohno and Enrico Verga” pressed the inaugural start button of the “flagship NASSENGER SP-1” system. The printer of NASSENGER SP-1 of Konica Minolta employs “a single-pass system” and delivers “high-productivity” and “high resolution”. The machine system characterises itself with “advanced features” like “ultra high-speed” besides as aforementioned high resolution and productivity. The said feat has been made possible by the “expertise in print heads, printing mechanisms and inks” at “Konica Minolta”. In the category of the textile printers, the “NASSENGER 10 and NASSENGER 8 models” developed by Konica Minolta fall under “scan-type high- and medium-speed” type.
All the three models together are capable of providing the customers with “a wider range of options”. They are scheduled to the launched formally “at ITMA international textile machine exhibition” which will be hosted from the 12th November 2015 to 19th November 2015 at Milan. While, the former president and the present senior adviser of Konica Minolta Inkjet Division, Akiyoshi Ohno commented:
“With our brand proposition, ‘Giving Shape to Ideas’, we remain firmly committed to innovations in the manufacturing process in the textile market by offering higher-performance, environmentally friendly products, and to helping customers enhance their corporate value, while joining the global effort to reduce environmental threats.
“This investment in a new training, education and demonstration centre is a real and practical commitment. We are deadly serious about this market and helping customers to maximise the opportunities in this fast-emerging market of textile printing.”
Moreover, the Konica Minolta IJ Textile’s European section’s chief operating officer, Enrico Verga, stated:
“Initial reaction has been extremely positive to our new innovation centre, which will not only provide demonstrations for our world-class technology, but is also an important training and educational facility in this important and growing textile inkjet printing market.
“We look forward to welcoming printers here from not only in the local area, but also right across Europe and further afield.”


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