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Latin American countries call on Biden to lift trade embargo on Cuba


Members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) issued a special declaration calling on the US President and Congress to end the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba, calling it contrary to international law.

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The heads of state and government of the 33 member countries of CELAC stressed in the document that they were strongly opposed to the application of laws and measures contrary to international law.

"(The CELAC countries) recall that since 1992, the United Nations General Assembly has requested in 29 resolutions that the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed against Cuba by the United States government be ended, and stress the overwhelming support of United Nations Member States for the latest resolution... adopted on 23 June 2021," the text reads.

In early September, US President Joe Biden decided to extend the trade embargo against Cuba for another year, until 14 September 2022.

The US severed diplomatic ties with Cuba in 1961 in response to the nationalisation of US property on the island. Washington then announced a trade and economic embargo against the country. Since 1992, Cuba has annually submitted a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly on the need to lift the American embargo. The vast majority of members of the body have consistently voted in favour of the document.

source: reuters.com