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Major meat producer resumes factory operations after cyberattack


Major meat producer JBS said it has fully restored all factory operations following the cyber-attack.

"Today JBS USA and (its division) Pilgrim's announce that all of their factories around the world are fully operational following the resolution of the May 30 criminal cyber-attack," it said in a statement.

The company also claims to have lost a total of less than one day of production. "The lost production in the company's global business will be fully restored by the end of next week," JBS clarified.

The company claims that it has been enabled to recover faster by encrypted spare servers. However, the company did not say whether it had paid ransom to cybercriminals.

Earlier, a cyberattack on international company and the world's largest meat producer JBS Food led to the temporary shutdown of all its beef plants in the US. Operations at the plants are gradually being restored.

US President Joe Biden said all possible measures would be taken to mitigate the impact of the cyber-attack. The White House said the US was in contact with Russian authorities over the hacking attack against JBS, as the company claimed that ransom may have been demanded from Russia.

source: cnn.com