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Mercedes overtook BMW in the number of cars sold in the first half of 2016


For the first half of the year, Mercedes-Benz has overtaken BMW in the number of cars sold. The company's goal is to regain leadership in the segment of luxury cars, lost 11 years ago.

Mercedes-Benz in the first half of 2016 has overtaken BMW in the number of vehicles sold, approaching its goal to beat the competitor on annual sales for the first time in 11 years, Bloomberg reports.

Mercedes’ sales for the six months of 2016 increased by 12%, amounting to just over 1 million vehicles. BMW sales in the same period increased by 5.8% to 986 thousand cars. Thus, the difference between the competitors was 20 thousand cars.

BMW took leadership from Mercedes-Benz in the segment of luxury cars in 2005. Mercedes-Benz’s management has set a company goal - to overtake BMW and once again become a leader in sales of premium cars by 2020.

Audi also announced the intention to become a leader in the premium segment, Bloomberg notes. The automaker's sales in the first half of the year also increased - by 5.6%, to 953 thousand vehicles.

By the end of June, sales of BMW rose 9.7% to 189.1 thousand pieces. Mercedes car sales amounted to 188.4 thous., showing an increase of 11%. Audi’s sales rose by 7.4% to 169 thousand cars.

The global car market increased in May by 4.2% to 7 million 638 thousand cars and light commercial vehicles. Annual sales purified from the seasonality and calculated from the results of last month amounted to 92 million 174 thousand cars.
In the first five months of 2016, the realization of cars in the world increased by 3.2% to 37 million 940 thousand units, as reported by a consulting company LMC Automotive.
China keeps holding the world’s leadership on cars sale, with 2 million 107 thousand cars (+ 9.3%) sold in May.

World's second largest auto market is America, with the index of 1 million 535 thousand cars, which is 5.9% less compared to last year.

Sales of cars in Western Europe also continue to grow - 14% in May up to 1 million 363 thousand cars.

source: bloomberg.com