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Microsoft faces a warning from EU antitrust watchdog


According to sources, Microsoft's offer to pay $69 billion to acquire Activision Blizzard, maker of the Call of Duty video game, is likely to result in a warning from EU antitrust authorities. This can make it harder to close the deal.

The sources note that the European Commission is putting together a "notice of claim" in which it will express its objections to the arrangement. Microsoft will receive the warning in the upcoming weeks.

The deadline for a decision on the agreement has been set by the EU Antitrust Agency for April 11. The EC chose not to respond.

Microsoft itself commented: "In order to address any market concerns, we continue to collaborate with the European Commission. This agreement will assist us in ensuring that more individuals have access to games."

In November, other sources told Reuters that Microsoft was expected to make concessions to EU watchdogs in order to avoid a notification and minimize the time required for the deal's regulatory scrutiny.

source: reuters.com