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More than 18 thousand lawsuits filed against Bayer in USA


The German chemical and pharmaceutical concern Bayer said that the number of lawsuits against the company in US courts has reached 18,400. Monsanto is accused of producing a poisonous herbicide due to glyphosate contained in it. Back in April, there were 13 thousand such claims.

Global Justice Now via flickr
Global Justice Now via flickr
The trend of a rapid increase in the number of lawsuits was outlined in August 2018 after Bayer lost the first lawsuit. The concern experienced the third loss in May 2019: a jury in California sentenced Bayer to pay compensation in the amount of more than two billion dollars. According to the plaintiffs, an American couple, glyphosate, which is contained in the company’s weed killer, has contributed to the development of cancer. Subsequently, the court significantly reduced the amount of compensation.

Lawyers of the concern are disputing all three court decisions made not in favor of Bayer, insisting that Monsanto products could not harm human health, and glyphosate itself is completely safe. They hope that judges in higher courts will assess the situation differently than juries.

Experts are still arguing on the effect of glyphosate on human health. Earlier, the US Environmental Protection Agency and a number of regulatory authorities in the European Union reported that there are no risks of developing cancer due to the use of this herbicide. However, in 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the substance may be a carcinogen.

In 2018, Bayer bought Monsanto for $ 63 billion, which was the most expensive foreign purchase by the German company. However, since the acquisition of Monsanto, Bayer shares have fallen in price by 40 percent.

source: dw.de