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News Corp Stories Will Be Delivered On A News ‘News Tab’ On Facebook


News Corp Stories Will Be Delivered On A News ‘News Tab’ On Facebook
A new ‘tab’ is being planned by the social media platform Facebook which will potentially contain news and some of the stories that would be published by the company in that ‘tab’ will be supplied by News Corp, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, the leading social network has now confirmed.
“People want to see high quality news on Facebook,” co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement provided to AFP. “I’m excited we’ll have the opportunity to include award-winning journalism from The Wall Street Journal -- and other US News Corp properties -- in our news tab.”
No details about the agreement with the news company were provided.
The company will only be paying a portion of the publishers whose news stories would be picked up by Facebook and would appear in a new news tab set to launch in the weeks ahead, Facebook said last month.
The plan for launching a new News Tab was confirmed by Facebook. It also confirmed that the tab would be edited by seasoned journalists. This decision of the company is in contrast to its long standing strategy of allowing and making use of complex algorithms to decide about the users’ experiences.
Selection of relevant, reliable breaking and top news stories will be done by a human team.
“The number of publishers included in the news tab will grow over time,” Facebook spokeswoman Mari Melguizo said in a statement provided recently to AFP. “To ensure we’re including a range of topic areas, we’ll start by paying a subset of publishers who can provide a steady volume of fact-based and original content.”
According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal earlier on Monday, about a quarter of the estimated 200 news organizations whose stories will be picked up and published by Facebook will only be paid by the social media company.
According to the California-based online social network, this new News Tab will be displayed prominently and separately from the trademark news feed that appears on Facebook that displays updates and content from people’s friends.
In addition to a human team selecting and categorizing the news tab, algorithms will also be used for forming sections of the tab which would primarily be related to understanding the interests of the users based on “signals” such as pages followed, interactions with online news or subscriptions to publications.
“Our goal with the News Tab is to provide a personalized, highly relevant experience for people,” Facebook head of news partnerships Campbell Brown told AFP when the coming feature was revealed.
However, according to Brown, software will determine the majority of stories people see.
In recent years, a number of initiatives to support or bolster journalism have been launched by Facebook even as the company has come under increased scrutiny, criticism and pressure to do something to prevent spread of misinformation.
This new tab come at a time when the online advertising industry is being dominated by online platforms Facebook and Google which makes it difficult for conventional news organizations to gain traction in digital.

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