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Nike to donate $40M to support African American communities in US


The American company Nike will donate $ 40 million to support the African American community of the United States, the company said in a statement.

bargainmoose via flickr
bargainmoose via flickr
It is reported that the funds will be paid over the next four years on behalf of the Nike, Jordan, and Converse brands to organizations involved in fighting racial equality and social justice.

“The systematic racism and events that have occurred in America over the past few weeks serve as an urgent reminder of the constant changes that are needed in our society. We know that Black Lives Matter. We need to look more deeply at the problems faced by African American communities and understand what enormous suffering and senseless tragedy racial fanaticism engenders,” said Nike President and CEO John Donahoe, whose words are quoted in the message.

African American George Floyd died in Minneapolis during a police detention, and his death caused riots not only in Minnesota cities, but also in other states of the country. Videos appeared on the Internet that showed that the police handcuffed Floyd, threw him down and one of the policemen stifled his neck with his knee. Floyd later died in intensive care. After the riots started, four policemen were fired, and one of them was accused of negligence. 

source: nike.com