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Number of supporters of Scottish independence rises to a record level


More than half (58%) of the Scottish respondents are in favour of the region's independence from the UK, a record high, media reported on Wednesday citing opinion poll data from Ipsos Mori.

"Our recent survey is pouring water onto a nationalist mill, but it looks grim for Unionists (Unity with Britain)," said Ipsos Mori's Managing Director in Scotland.

42% of respondents were in favour of keeping Scotland within the United Kingdom. The media specified that 1,045 Scottish people over the age of 16 took part in the survey and the survey was conducted from 2 to 9 October.

The media also indicate that the survey revealed significant support for the Scottish National Party (SNP), led by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon: 72% of those surveyed were satisfied with how her government is dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

The SNP supports Scotland's independence from the UK and Sturgeon has promised to submit a timetable for a possible new referendum on the region's status by May 2021, when Scotland is due to hold parliamentary elections.

The first referendum on Scotland's independence was held on 18 September 2014. At that time, 55% of the Scots voted to keep Scotland within the UK.

However, the SNP, in turn, insisted on a second referendum on the independence of the region, citing the fact that a majority of Scots voted against UK withdrawal from the EU in 2016.

source: reuters.com