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Obama hopes for quiet and peaceful life


After the end of his term, Barack Obama plans to spend some time in a relaxed atmosphere and contribute time to writing. He also intends to leave a space for governance for his successor, writes Reuters.

44th US president told about his future during the final press conference, where he praised role of a free press and shared personal observations of how his daughter took changes in their father’s fate.

On Friday, after inauguration of Republican Donald Trump, Obama with his family will travel to Palm Springs, California. He said he is tired of constantly hearing his own voice, so he wants to be in silence. During the first year after leaving the White House, 55-year-old Obama is also going to write a book and spend time with family.

The Democrats supporter, who went down in history in 2008 as the first black US president, has repeatedly said that he would follow example of his predecessor George W. Bush. He tried to refrain from loud statements on global issues after his presidency ended.

However, Obama has made it clear that there may be issues on which he could not remain silent, in particular, threats to basic American values. This applies to obstacles to the free will, the institutional efforts to silence dissent or media, or deportation of migrants without documents that came to the United States as children.

In 2012, Obama called to allow people whose parents migrated illegally to the country to stay in the United States by obtaining a temporary permit. The document would them to go to college and work. Donald Trump intends to cancel this initiative.

The Obama family will live in Washington, where 15-year-old Sasha will graduate from high school, and 18-year-old Malia in autumn will study at Harvard University. Obama's daughters, according to him, did not played havoc after defeat of the Democrats in the elections.

For most of the time that Obama stayed in the limelight, majority of Americans had a positive attitude to his person. On average, 53% of the US population approved President's actions during his two presidential terms.

62% of Americans gave a favorable assessment to Obama’s course within a few weeks after the presidential elections in 2016. Along with the so-called "honeymoon" of his first year in office, it is the highest rating of President's performance.

The highest point of Obama's favorable rating was noted during his first inauguration in January 2009, when the rating was 78%. After the mid-term elections in 2014, his rating has reached a low of 42%.

The president will leave office with a much more favorable rating than its immediate predecessor, George W. Bush. (40%). Appreciation of Bill Clinton at time of his abdication was 57%, while George W. Bush left office in January 1993 with a slightly higher rating of 62%. Gallup started measuring presidential rating in 1992. 

source: reuters.com

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