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Obama's Biggest Disappontment


Failure to limit the circulation of weapons in the US was the biggest disappointment of the American president Barack Obama as head of state. This is the head of the White House said in an interview with BBC News.

- After the attack in September 11, 2001, less than a hundred Americans were killed in the attacks. While the number of US citizens who were shot, is counted in the tens of thousands, - said Obama.

According to the American leader, it's frustrating that he failed to make any progress on the issue of tightening the rules of gun control, "despite the fact that the country is regularly affected by the massacres."

Obama tried to restrict the right of citizens to own guns in 2012 after the shooting of 26 students and teachers at the school "Sandy Hook" in Connecticut. By presidential decree, the Government has developed a number of proposals, most of which was supported by the Americans. In particular, it proposed to ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons, as well as to oblige the US citizens to present identification when purchasing weapons and create a national database to fix the fact of sale. However, the representatives of the "gun lobby"and their allies in the US Congress prevented the president to implement this project. As Obama said later, "all of us should be ashamed of it."

According to BBC News, an hour after the interview with Obama, in a movie theater Grand Theatre 16 in Louisiana, 58-year-old man killed and wounded several people. Then the gunman committed suicide.

source: bbc.co.uk