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Shanghai Disneyland received more than 1 million visitors in less than two months


More than 1 million people visited Shanghai Disneyland in less than two months of the park’s work.

"We have already many more than one million visitors since our official opening on June 16. Their impressions were all for which we were hoping, and even more" - said Robert Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney. He also noted that occupancy of hotels remained stable at 95%.

The park is located in the Pudong area, and occupies 3.9 square kilometers. It is the first Disneyland in mainland China. Normally, an entrance ticket costs 370 yuan (about $ 56), but the price reaches 499 million yuan (about $ 76) on weekends and holidays.

Earlier, representatives of the park predicted that Shanghai Disneyland would receive 12 million people for the first year. In the future, this figure is expected to grow by 3.5 million visitors. The company estimated that the project will generate revenue of 4.4 billion yuan ($ 667.9 million) a year. The economic impact of tourism for the Chinese authorities is assessed at 35 billion yuan ($ 5.3 billion).
The Shanghai park in is divided into several thematic areas: "Mickey Avenue", "Gardens of Imagination", "Fantasyland", "Adventure Isle" "Treasures Cove" and "Tomorrowland". According to the project organizers, the local castle of Sleeping Beauty is the highest in among the world’s Disneylands.

Shanghai theme park is the US-Chinese project, created by local and foreign designers together. As a result, the developers managed to create a complex project, it compares favorably with similar parks in China and abroad. The invention's authors areThe Walt Disney Company and its local partner, Shanghai Shendi Group. Together they have invested $ 5.5 billion in the park’s construction. This investment project is considered one of the most expensive in the country. Walt Disney owns 57%, and the rest belongs to the Chinese capital.

Shanghai Disneyland is like a mirror to other Chinese theme park. In recent years, Chinese entrepreneurs became obsessed with theme parks, and everyone wants to get their share in this highly competitive environment. Statistics show that current number of theme parks in China has reached more than 2,000. In the United States for nearly 60 years of development, the number had increased 70 times. At that, number of losing parks reaches 70%, and less than 10% are profitable.
So, what the vast majority of Chinese theme parks do wrong? The industry experts believe that the great number of unprofitable wonderlands can be explained by blindly following trends, vague identification of "the main theme", too many overlapping objects, over-reliance on the profit from tickets, and lack of development of derivative products. 

In 2015, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published "Green Book of China's Tourism", which predicts that in the future, world center of theme parks will be moved to China and Asia-Pacific countries. President of the Academy of Tourism Dai Bin said that with the full actuation of the aspects such as capital, scientific and technological and cultural innovation, China's industry theme parks will enter a new period of development. Arrival of Disneyland in China gives the Chinese theme park industry an opportunity to learn and to compete face to face with the American company.


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