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SpaceX sets to carry out 144 rocket launches into orbit next year


According to William Gerstenmaier, vice president of flight safety at US private aerospace business SpaceX, the company intends to fly 144 launch vehicles into orbit in 2024.

Official SpaceX Photos via flickr
Official SpaceX Photos via flickr
"We want to increase the frequency of launches to 12 per month or 144 launches (for the year) - that's our goal," Gerstenmaier stated at a US Senate subcommittee on space and science hearing. "This year we will try to conduct 100 launches (...) and 144 launches next year, that's our goal."

He noted that SpaceX has launched seventy-four times thus far, and that it had also tested a new rocket, Starship, that will be used to put humans on the moon.

Gerstenmaier claimed that even though the attempt was unsuccessful, specialists learned a great deal that will be helpful for successful launches in the future. The launch ended in an accident.

source: cnn.com