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Tech Executives Gather In White House Meeting To Discuss U.S.-China Trade


While, the tech firms in the U.S. awaits the details of new policy announced by President Trump, the Tech firms are invited for a White House conference.

The economic advisor of White House, Larry Kudlow plays the host in the “semiconductor and software executives” meeting which took place on Monday for discussing the ban put on China by U.S. on the former’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.
Among the participants of the meetings were “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin”, besides Intel Corp and Qualcomm Inc. Moreover, as per information Micron and Google were also in the list of attendees while the agenda of the meet revolved around “economic matters”. Another source, seeking anonymity, also added that Huawei matter was to be part of this meeting agenda although this alone has not been the reason behind the said meet.
Huawei, the best “telecommunications equipment” manufacturer in the world, has an uncertain future before it as far as it is about Huawei’s ties with U.S. companies for the administration under President Trump has blacklisted the said company due to “national security concerns”.
Under the same ban U.S. companies cannot sell “most U.S. parts and components” to Huawei without acquiring “special licenses”, while last month, the U.S. President announced that U.S. firms could recommence and revive trade with Beijing.
However, the details regarding the new sales policy is still awaited. According to Reuters:
“Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross has said licenses would be issued where there is no threat to national security. Reuters reported that the United States may approve licenses for companies to restart new sales in a matter of weeks”.
Other sources informed that even Broadcom Inc was present in the meeting held in the White House.