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Tesla failed to hit the delivery target again


Tesla Motors Inc. again failed to implement its plan of electric cars deliveries set in the II quarter. Instead of projected 17 thousand cars, the company has released only 14370, Bloomberg reported. Analysts have already questioned the company’s annual plan for production of 500 thousand cars by 2018.

Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media
Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media
Previously, Elon Musk in a statement promised to increase issuance program of electric cars up to 500 thousand pieces by 2018. What could possibly help to reach this target? It is not clear yet as Tesla Motors was barely able to put 80 thousand machines over a year.

In the second half of 2016, Tesla Motors is planning to release 50 thousand cars. If this suddenly happens, the company will implement the 79180 electric cars, while the company's plan is aimed at 80-90 thousand cars before the year’s end.

Among the reasons that prevent the carmaker from completing the plan, Tesla Motors called steps to a sharp increase in the production and delivery problems. According to the company, 5150 Models S and Models X commissioned in the II quarter are on the way to their owners. They will get their electric vehicles only in the beginning of III quarter. At the same time, the car manufacturer consider a car sold only when the car’s owner has got all required car documents.

Delivery volumes in the II quarter was as follows: 9745 sedans Tesla Model S and 4625 crossovers Tesla Model X. Release of more affordable electric Tesla Model 3 starts later, shipping will begin only at the end of 2017.

This is not the first time when Tesla Motors fails to achieve the intended results. The company also failed to comply with its plan to supply electric vehicles in the I quarter. The carmaker shipped 14,820 cars instead of the planned 16 thousand. Supply of new Model X crossover sagged most significantly - only 2400 pieces.

The companies recognize that in the I quarter of this year, similar precedents were due to lack of spare parts and " too heaped technology" in Model X. Previously, Tesla had justified delays of Model X by search for a new contractor for supply of the rear doors designed specifically for the second-row seats in this model. 

Earlier this week, the National Road Safety Management US reported investigation into causes of the first-ever crash of electric Tesla Motors on autopilot, resulted in the driver’s death. The accident occurred in Florida. Model S car crashed into a trailer that made a left turn at unregulated crossroads. The driver was seriously injured and died in hospital.

source: cnbs.com

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