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Tesla to increase costs amid production ramp-up


The production of new battery cells and Semi trucks is expected to increase significantly over the course of the coming year, according to Tesla Inc.

Duncan Rawlinson - Duncan.co
Duncan Rawlinson - Duncan.co
The business, run by billionaire Elon Musk, anticipates a $7 billion to $9 billion loss for 2024 to 2025. That range's average value is $1 billion more than the $6 to $8 billion average estimate for this year.

A $3.6 billion expansion of the Nevada Gigafactory complex will contribute to some of the expense. In addition to a 4680 cell plant that will be able to generate enough batteries for 2 million passenger vehicles annually, the business is also constructing a plant there to mass-produce the eagerly anticipated Semi truck.

While struggling with the high cost of ingredients like lithium for batteries, Tesla is also increasing production at facilities in Berlin and Austin, Texas.

source: cnn.com