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Tesla to launch cheaper versions of S and X models in North America


The specifications of the new electric cars have been streamlined.

Tristan Nitot
Tristan Nitot
More affordable versions of Models S and X of Tesla's electric vehicles will go on sale in North America, the business stated on its website.

The new electric vehicles feature simpler specs, such as a shorter range and slower acceleration, and are $10,000 less expensive than the conventional versions. A more affordable Model S sedan will go on sale in the US and Canada in August for $78,400, while sales of a Model X SUV for $88,400 will start in September.

Bloomberg claims that the introduction of more affordable electric vehicles is owing to the fact that sales of the iconic models S and X in the second quarter of this year were less than 5% of total sales. They are less appealing to American buyers because the corporation does not offer discounts on them, in contrast to models Y and 3.

source: bloomberg.com