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The Water Recycling Plant Of ASE Documents A New Record Breaking Operational Feat


ASE’s water recycling facility records a milestone figure in the plant’s operations.

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. informed that the “water recycling plant” of the company that is situated “at its Kaohsiung flagship facility” has conquered “a significant milestone”.
The said plant conducted its pilot project earlier this year and began its full-fledge operation “by the end of April 2015”. On the 23rd of October 2015, the plant documented an “accumulative output volume of 1 million metric tons of recycled water”. The said volume of recycled water can fill up “approximately 400 Olympic sized swimming pools”.
Following the rainfall deficiency of this year, Taiwanese water reservoirs’ water level witnessed an unusual low, whereby inviting a “serious water shortage” in the country. It is to fight such unpleasant situations that ASE has come up with “methods” that can be used to save water through recycle and reuse. The senior vice president of ASE Kaohsiung, KC Chou stated:
"In our efforts towards a more sustainable enterprise, greater focus on water recycling and usage has been the emphasis at ASE. We are also planning to open up the water recycling facility for educational visits and promote industry water conservation efforts to the public”.
In order to finish the phase one of the water recycling project the company of ASE invested an amount of “$25 million”. Accordingly, the facility is capable of processing “up to 20,000 metric tons of wastewater” while it can recycle “10,000 metric tons” of water daily. Once, the recycling plant was up and running, various other manufacturing units of ACE that are situated “at the Kaohsiung Nantze Processing Zone” channelized their wastewater to the “centralized facility for processing”.
Through its “multi-state water treatment system”, the recycling plant removes “suspended solids”, COD and “other pollutants”, whereby the discharged water meet the standards set by the “Environment Protection Bureau”. Following the treatment, the discharged water under goes the ultra filtration and reverse osmosis procedures respectively as the latter is widely used in most desalinisation process of potable water that is carried out in various countries.
ASE Group leads the world market in the field of “independent semiconductor manufacturing services” whereby it provides materials, conducts tests, creates designs and assembles the whole unit. Being the industry leader ASE is equipped with wide range of technology and solutions in order to meet the “growing needs for faster, smaller and higher performance chips”. Moreover, BusinessWire informs that:
“...the Group develops and offers a wide portfolio of technology and solutions including IC test program design, front-end engineering test, wafer probe, wafer bump, substrate design and supply, wafer level package, flip chip, system-in-package, final test and electronic manufacturing services through Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, members of the ASE Group. The Group generated sales revenues of US$8.5 billion in 2014 and employs over 68,000 people worldwide”.