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Trump is losing rating because of shutdown


US President Donald Trump said that he was “unhappy” with the terms of the agreement reached between Republicans and Democrats in Congress, but made it clear that he was ready to sign this document in order to prevent a new shutdown. Meanwhile, the recent shutdown, which lasted 35 days, significantly reduced rating of the American president. He lost some supporters in all states.

Gage Skidmore via flickr
Gage Skidmore via flickr
The plan, proposed by a group of negotiators in Congress after consultations that lasted almost three weeks, caused undisguised discontent of the US President. “Was I pleased when I looked (at this document)? - Donald Trump said during a cabinet meeting at the White House. - The answer is "no." I am not happy... We have not solved the problem.”

Recall that at midnight on February 15 the term of a temporary truce concluded between the House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats and the White House expires after a record shutdown that lasted exactly 35 days. This agreement allowed resumption of work for nearly a quarter of the federal agencies in the United States, including the Department of Homeland Security, which is responsible for border security.

Under the terms of the treaty, an inter-party group of legislators had to craft a compromise budget proposal that would suit both Democrats and Republicans until February 15.

Last weekend, representatives of both parties announced that negotiations were stalled, and the President of the United States himself in a series of messages on Twitter said that he did not rule out introduction of a state of emergency in the country. This step would allow Donald Trump to begin financing construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, without waiting for Congress approval.

On Monday, speaking to his supporters in the city of El Paso, Texas, Head of the White House announced that he would build a wall "in any case" regardless of position of his opponents.

Under the terms of the budget agreement, which representatives of both parties managed to approve by the morning of Tuesday, the lawmakers agreed to allocate $ 1.375 billion for construction of a wall on the southern US border.
This amount is four times less than that requested by President Donald Trump, who demanded at least $ 5.7 billion from Congress. Nevertheless, the concession made by the Democrats would allow at least 55 miles (88.5 km) of barriers to be erected at the border.

Also, the Democrats managed to complement the budget agreement with a clause on reducing the number of beds for illegal immigrants in temporary detention centers. As the authors of the amendment explained, reduction of places should force the administration to “change priorities”, focusing not on detaining immigrants crossing the US border, but on considering cases of “illegal immigrants” who have committed any crimes in the country. The agreement also mentions the need to increase the number of immigration courts, install new technical control systems at the border and expand the program for providing humanitarian and medical assistance to immigrants.

Earlier this week, commentators from leading US media concluded that President Donald Trump would be forced to support any agreement proposed to him by Congress.

According to polls, the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that Head of the White House should be responsible for the longest shutdown in US history.
According to the Morning Consult research center, which publishes monthly data on presidential ratings in various states, the level of support for Donald Trump has noticeably decreased in all US states without exception.

In several states, voters completely changed their position: in New Mexico, for example, President’s rating fell by 35%, in Arizona - by 20%, and Donald Trump lost 32% of support in New York State.

During the cabinet meeting, the US president announced that he was continuing to “study” the congressional compromise proposal, but made it clear that he would sign the document as soon as it was submitted to the White House. “I don’t think you’ll see a shutdown,” he told reporters. “I don’t think it will happen again. We do not want to stop the work of the government.”

source: cnn.com