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Trump raises record $72M for his campaign


The former US president received donations that were distributed to over 450 thousand individuals.

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
Former US President Donald Trump was able to raise almost $72 million for his election campaign, which is several times more than any of his Republican opponents, reports Bloomberg with reference to the information from the US Federal Election Commission.

Based on the available data, the former U.S. leader had raised $72.6 million in donations by the end of July, of which $61 million came after his announcement that he would be running for office in November 2022.

Additionally, Trump leads in the quantity of donors; roughly 450 thousand people have given money in various sums to the Republican leader. This number is 86 thousand for DeSantis, the closest pursuer. Bloomberg notes that 92% of people who contributed to Trump's campaign did not financially support other candidates running for president.

source: bloomberg.com