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U.S. may restrict exports of Nvidia and AMD chips to China


Nvidia and AMD chips, which are utilized in artificial intelligence, may not be exported to China, according to the WSJ.

President of the United States Joe Biden is considering banning the export of American chips used in artificial intelligence, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper claims that limits will have an impact on a number of American manufacturers, including Nvidia and AMD. The corporation could need to get a special permission in order to export their goods to China and other "countries of concern," according to WSJ.

This action would be a part of the regulations codifying and enhancing export controls published last October.

On Wednesday, June 28, Nvidia stock increased 3.2%, reaching a day high of $419.4.  Shares of AMD increased by 3.3 percent as well, reaching a day high of $110.97.

source: wsj.com