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U.S. ponders relaxing environmental rules for gasoline to cut prices


In order to lower gasoline prices on the domestic market, the US government is considering eliminating a number of environmental laws.

Reuters reported this, citing sources. According to the newspaper’s information, no final decision has been made on this topic.

Environmental regulations in the United States compel refiners to avoid using low-cost components like butane in the preparation of flight gasoline. The White House, on the other hand, is considering suspending the deal in order to cut gasoline expenses.

For months, gasoline prices in the United States have been slowly climbing. The figures have been breaking records in recent weeks.

As a result, the price of gasoline in petrol stations around the country has surpassed $4 per gallon as of May 24, compared to $3 last year. According to the United States Oil and Gas Association, the current energy crisis could be the worst in 50 years.

source: reuters.com