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UN helps EU countries to redistribute surplus Ukrainian grain


The UN World Food Program will assist the EU nations in distributing extra Ukrainian grain to underdeveloped nations, said Martin Frick, Chief of the UN offices in Berlin and Brussels, in an interview with the Politico.

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"In this global food crisis, getting grain to some of the most underprivileged individuals is essential." Martin Frick stated, "We have been shipping grain across the Black Sea from Ukraine, and we are prepared to engage with the European Commission and member states to find a solution." He claims that the food program has experience setting up intricate logistics to transport substantial amounts of cargo to underdeveloped nations.

Four EU nations—Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria—imposed a temporary ban on the import of Ukrainian grain at the end of March. The import of grain from Ukraine, according to the authorities, hurts the local farmers' economies.

The European Commission then pledged to set aside €100 million to help farmers in these nations. The European Commission met with the governments of the nations that will not acquire Ukrainian grain on April 23 to discuss the transfer of excess agricultural products, according to the Politico daily.

source: politico.com