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US authorities to extend financial assistance to air carriers


The US House Financial Services Committee has approved a proposal to provide another $15bn financial aid package to US airlines.

Masakatsu Ukon
Masakatsu Ukon
This was reported by Reuters. This is the third bailout package for the airline industry, which is in serious crisis in a pandemic.

The package will be included in the $1.9 trillion pandemic economic aid bill proposed by President Joe Biden, which initially did not include additional aid to airlines. 

The first $25 billion aid package was given to US airlines in March 2020. A further $15bn was approved in December 2020, with a third package designed to support air carriers until September 2021.

Commenting on the House committee's decision, American Airlines said that the support programme, which covers the cost of employee salaries in exchange for a commitment not to cut jobs, "was a lifesaver for our team members".

source: reuters.com