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VW Has ‘Not Done Enough’ To Improve On Emission Scandal


EU authorities pressurises VW to guarantee its cars performance post the Dieselgate scandal besides improving “consumer information”.

Volkswagen received criticism from the “consumer authorities” of Europe, as the former failed to guarantee that the following steps to mend the “Dieselgate scandal” will not affect the performance of its cars.
There is a pressure on VW to “do more” in order to compensate cheat “on emissions tests” which the company has admitted in September 2015 before the regulators of the U.S. “11 million diesel vehicles” were sold as the software installed masked the emission results. Reuters reported that:
“Agencies from the EU’s 28 member states and the European Union executive reiterated concerns that the German auto giant has not done enough to respond to a request it improve consumer information on the repairs, speed up the process and pledge to fix any problems arising after the repair”.
According to a statement of the EU, VW’s step to recall “8.5 million” cars within the EU bloc has “so far resulted in positive developments”. While the statement further read:
“Volkswagen has not provided a full and clear guarantee that the update is not affecting the cars’ performance and has refused to simplify the conditions giving access to the Trust Building Measure.”
The authorities of “consumer protection”, continues to push VW to admit its mistakes, as a result it has asked the German auto maker “to make it clear that the use of that particular software was prohibited according to EU-law”.
However, the authorities also informed that:
“On the reason for the repair, Volkswagen is not clear enough”.
VW, on the other hand, agrees that even though it has confessed that it was harmed the U.S. consumers, the company maintains that it has not done anything illegal in the Europe. Therefore, it does not see any need to compensate the European consumers in the similar manner.