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Volkswagen warns of production disruptions due to flooding in Slovenia


A representative for the company claims that the effects of the elements have caused one of the suppliers of spare parts to curtail manufacturing in this nation.

Gerry Lauzon
Gerry Lauzon
The flooding in Slovenia may cause issues for German carmaker Volkswagen on the assembly lines in September because one of the country's suppliers of spare parts was forced to halt output there, told a representative of the concern to DPA news agency.

Up until now, he added, "extensive supply chains from all over the world have allowed us to ensure the availability of spare parts. However, we anticipate that not all car and component plants will get enough shipments in September, which might lead to disruptions in production."

Volkswagen’s representative made no mention of the Slovenian manufacturer in question or the plants where delays could not be ruled out.

Two-thirds of the republic's area, according to Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob, had been severely flooded. The politician claims that over 10,000 homes were flooded, and the disaster cost several billion euros in damages.

source: dpa.com