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White House Received New Sanctions’ Package For Russia: Bloomberg


The U.S. to retaliate with further sanctions on Russia, as the latter failed to provide assurance on the usage of chemical weapons.

White House Received New Sanctions’ Package For Russia: Bloomberg
As per Bloomberg’s report, the White House has got a new package of sanctions for imposing them on Russia; this step comes as retaliation to the “nerve-agent attack on a Russian double agent in Britain” that took place in 2018.
In fact, the sanctions have been vetted by the officials at the “U.S. Treasury and State Departments”, while they await the White House approval for issuing them, informed Bloomberg as it cited “people familiar with the matter”.
Sergei Skripal is an ex-colonel of Russia’s “GRU military intelligence service”. In March 2018, Skripal as well as his thirty three years’ old daughter, named Yulia, were found in an unconscious state on a “bench in the southern English city of Salisbury”. This happened because a “liquid form of the Novichok type of nerve agent” was used on the Skripal’s front door.
Fortunately, both the father-daughter duo fought death and emerged victorious, although Russia has altogether denied of any “involvement in the attack”. When a Trump administrative was asked about the Bloomberg’s report, the person noted that the “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo” had informed Sergei Lavrov, the “Russian Foreign Minister”, over a phone call last month, that the U.S. has made up its mind to “hold Russia accountable for the attack through sanctions”.
Nevertheless, a spokeswoman for a State Department stated that it is not under the department’s job description to “preview sanctions actions”, while The Treasury Department did not reply to requests sent by Reuters for commenting on the matter.
Following the attack on Skripal, the U.S. along with the European countries ousted as many as hundred Russian diplomats, while the U.S. even put on sanction on Russia in August as it “determined Moscow” to be “responsible for the attack”.
And Reuters reported that:
“Those sanctions covered sensitive national-security-controlled goods, a senior State Department official told reporters, citing the 1991 Chemical and Biological Weapons and Warfare Elimination Act”.
In fact, in November again, the State Department had informed that it is going impose further sanctions on Russia due to Moscow’s failure in providing “reasonable assurances” on putting an end to the use of “chemical weapons”. On Friday, 29 March 2019, Russian rouble fell by one percent to “65.53 per dollar”, as the report opened up a possibility of affecting the Russian banking sector.

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